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War Is on the Stereo

My Mixtape <3

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This journal is friends only

Comment to be added.

Good morning "Panda". Add me please.

Hope you are doing well. Happy thoughts headed your way.

Your added, But i wont be using this for a while. I still have to get the layout finished. and stuff.

I miss working in an ice cream shop...

it was fun for me too. I worked at marble slab

i added you cos you rock!

add me!

that'd be super awesome.

Would it ? Hahaha OF COURSE IT WOULD BE.

add me! kinda like pick me, but anyways that would be fabulous darling

hey sexy baby, can i please get an invite to your awesomeness? i t would be greaatly appreacited :) <3 !!! <3 ???? <3

Oh why of course <3 ! # <3 ? "Sexy Baby" You sure know how to make me giggle.

better add me bitch
Friends fight all the time
but real friends remain friends even though....


Your already added.. you have to do the adding. haha.

And i know friends fight all the time. but I dont want you to ever dare think im using you or taking advatage of you cause im not that kinda person, Im the one who usually gets taken advantage of. But seriously just keep what i painted for you and we will call it even . okay ? Cause theres no since for 2 really good friends to fight over money.

hey there....added you..


Ooops I meant to comment here :) Add me?